Socialized Health Care Imposed on Americans — 3 Comments

  1. Why is caring for my neighbors and friends and even my enemies a bad thing? Will I pay a higher tax for this bill? Absolutely. Did I get much of a say? Not a little at all. would I stop this bill from becoming a reality because of those reasons? Hell. No.

    As for unconstitutional, this bill, not the letter of it but the spirit of it, is the definition of what the preamble really spoke about when it read: “We the People,” and “Promote the general welfare, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility.” Universal Healthcare is the solution to a national population where most people can’t afford a doctor, and only a little more than half get healthcare that is worth anything. Anything less is a selective society that just reeks of Nazi-ism – suddenly, all the poor and homeless are unfit to se a doctor because they are poor and homeless. That’s just a few steps from outright exterminating them, selective breeding and an even more aristocratic and useless government.

    I am poor, I have been homeless, I have gone hungry for a long time. Now I am doing better but I am still well below the poverty line, and only through help am I able to put food on the table. So you yahoos sit in your suits at your air-conditioned offices and remember that the people you are insulting and saying are unamerican just might have been as low as I have, far below where you prettyboys will ever be, and know what it is like to have to fight to survive. Start a real revolution, lets see who wins – me and the millions of homeless, poor, “unamerican” folks who know how to fight for food and survive when the temperatures drop below zero and there is no shelter in sight, or you rich boys who wear your suits and speak out to political officials, threatening the programs that help my kind to survive?

  2. Xan, if you want to enslave yourself to the banks and insurance companies even more than you already are, I suppose that’s your right. However, you have no right to impose your choice of slavery upon others.

  3. “Starting today, the best health care system in the world is history. Depending on what illness or disease you have or contract, you may well not get health care. The government will ration health care — which it already does with Medicare, Medicaid, the VA and S-CHIP.” – Rush Limbaugh

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