How Your Tax Dollars Funds Terrorism and other Crime

Last week, the Senate approved an aid package to combat drug
trafficking in Mexico and Central America, with a record $400 million
going to Mexico and $65 million to Central America.

The United States has been spending $69 billion a year worldwide for
the last 40 years, for a total of $2.5 trillion, on drug prohibition —
with little to show for it. Is anyone actually benefiting from this
war? Six groups come to mind.

Winners in the War on Drugs

  • Drug lords in nations such as Colombia,
    Afghanistan and Mexico, as well as those in the United States. They are
    making billions of dollars every year — tax free.
  • Street gangs that infest many of our cities and
    neighborhoods, whose main source of income is the sale of illegal drugs.
  • People in government who are paid well to fight the
    first two groups. Their powers and bureaucratic fiefdoms grow larger
    with each tax dollar spent to fund this massive program that has been
    proved not to work.
  • Politicians who get elected and reelected by talking tough —
    not smart, just tough — about drugs and crime.
  • People who
    make money from increased crime – those who build prisons
    and those who staff them.
  • Terrorist groups worldwide that are principally financed by the sale of illegal drugs.

Losers in the War on Drugs

  • Literally everyone else, especially our children.

This is the U.S. on drugs – Los Angeles Times

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