The Greatest Wealth Transfer in The History of the World

Robert Kiyosaki writes,

It’s getting close to tax time and if you are an employee, you are paying the bulk of all taxes in America. On top of this, you’ve been hearing me say “Your house is not an asset”, and “Those who follow the ‘work hard and save money’ mantra will struggle financially.”

Where does it all stop? Where is the good news? We are in a financial crisis that did not just happen. It’s been coming for a long time…and now it is here. The bad news is that if you are financially comfortable today, this may not be the case tomorrow. The good news is that just because you are less-off today does not mean that you cannot be richer tomorrow. Now more than ever, it all depends on your financial education. And tax is one of the topics you must understand to prepare for this upcoming transfer of wealth.

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