Taxpayers to Fund Health Care for Illegal Aliens

The latest attempt to expand the SCHIP program seems to be sailing through Congress and Obama is likely to sign it into law when it reaches his desk.

If approved by the Senate this measure would increase taxes by an additional $53.8 billion over 5 years and further extend the federal government’s reach into the healthcare of American citizens.

As before, it contains big tax increases so Washington can take kids off private health insurance and put them on public subsidies. This expansion would make eligible for federally subsidized insurance about 2 million children who are currently covered by private health insurance. It would cover families making as much as three times the federal poverty level.

The bill also allows for immigrants, both legal and illegal, to access SCHIP funds, although illegal immigrants may only do so for 90 days. But the bill eliminates the need for an immigrant to show a photo ID or papers proving that he/she is legal.

I strongly encourage you to contact your Senators and Representatives, and let them know how you feel about this unfair expansion of health care and increased taxation. Please be firm, but reasoned if and when you write them – and feel free to utilize the following link:…

This is a link to the bill:
Type in Bill Number HR2 into the search box

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January 22, 2009
February 7, 2009
March 5, 2009

odannyt @ 1:08 pm #

I lost my job three years ago when my company went out of business. I have no health care as a result. I am addicted to cigarettes smoking 11/2 packs a day. I will not pay for the health care of anyone especially illegal aliens. I have ordered a year’s worth of tobacco online and out of state. When his supply runs out I plan to order overseas or Indian reservations. If I have to pay more per pack this is fine As long as I do not pay one nickel towards the new SCHIPS bill.
This should show the American what an incompetent boob out new President is. In a sagging economy he raises taxes and puts thousands of tobacco related companies out of business. He has devastated the Roll-Your-Own market by raising this tax by over 2000% (this is not a typo).
Personally I do not think Obama even realizes what this SCHIPS has done to this country. Due to the man’s lack of experience he only understands what his advisers teach him.