Are we seeing the Collapse of America?

How many warnings do you need to hear before you begin to prepare for what is coming?

Folks, I’m convinced the economic collapse has already begun. Ron Paul predicted what began in 2008 with the mortgage meltdown, and it has only accelerated since then as things have been going from bad to worse every day. The financial terrorism perpetrated by the elite has now spread like a virus throughout the world financial systems.

There may not be much time left to prepare your family for the final collapse of the world economies as we’ve known them. The Euro has been teetering on total collapse for some time and that ponzi scheme will soon come to an end.

We’ve recently learned that Greece and Italy are replacing their politicians with “technocrats”. These are bankers and accountants, people that are NOT accountable to the citizens but instead focused on the technical control of decision making in their countries. In other words, using technology to overcome the shortfalls of democracy.

Once the Euro collapses, the almighty dollar is next.

The American taxpayer has already ponied up for banker bailouts, auto-maker bailouts, corporate bailouts, international bank bailouts, and sovereign debt bailouts. State governments are broke and will be wanting a bailout soon. We have witnessed $ millions lost in government loans to bankrupt Washington cronies. The U.S. dollar has been devalued through inflation (FED money printing), the government has had its credit rating reduced, and the dollar is on its last breath of being the reserve currency of the world. And, just in the past couple of weeks, we’re learning of $ millions more being stolen from the segregated cash accounts of MF Global clients. This may be the precursor to the looting of your savings accounts, 401K’s, and pension plans.

Resistance to the tyranny has been building throughout the world as well. We’ve watched the peoples of Middle Eastern countries rise up to overthrow their dictatorial leaders and we’ve seen the brutal reprisals on both sides. People have taken to the streets throughout Europe in resistance to the economic tyranny foisted on them. And we’re now seeing people in America taking to our streets in opposition to Wall Street.

Wake up people and smell the coffee. The warning signs are getting louder as the world is coming unglued.

I don’t know what the final outcome of all this will look like, but I do believe that you should be getting prepared for whatever the end game is. Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on will only lead to your enslavement and/or destruction.

Using terrorism as their excuse, governments around the world have been constructing a control grid around us to deny our God given rights and to ultimately dominate us into submission. In America, the TSA and Department of Homeland Security has been used to monitor and control our movements in a much more efficient manner than did the Nazi’s in Europe six decades ago. Our government listens to our telephone conversations, reads our emails, and tracks our buying behaviors. They have arrested and killed American citizens without due process and are deploying troops to our cities to maintain order. And, the U.S. Senate has now passed S.1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, that would permit the mass arrest of American citizens and indefinitely detaining them without trial or charge.

The technocratic grid is now in place and it’s only a matter of time before the gates of freedom are slammed shut, locking us all into their global scientific dictatorship.

When that happens… it will be too late.

What have you done to prepare? Anything?

Do you even have any idea of a plan for what you might do when this happens?

As I said before, sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on will only lead to your enslavement and/or destruction. The German people ignored what Adolph Hitler built as he enslaved and murdered millions of people.

Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

If the human race does not wake up soon to history’s mistakes and demand a different path, we are doomed. For example, if America does not elect Ron Paul for president and return to our Constitutional roots and rule of law, we will ultimately find ourselves on the ash heap of history. America will become just another “has been” third-world country, if she survives at all.

In the meantime, there are perhaps some things you can do to prepare for the coming calamity and ease the difficulties on the horizon. At a minimum, you should be taking measures to feed yourself and your family as food becomes more scarce. You should be accumulating gold and silver to be used as barter and/or to protect your financial well-being. You should be preparing to defend yourself and your family when the chaos (SHTF) erupts. And you should be strengthening your mind and heart with God’s Holy Word as it will determine your ultimate destiny.

Folks, I don’t want to be fear mongering – even though it might sound like it. I am only pleading with you to be prepared for the worse while you continue to hope for the best. Even if none of these dire predictions come to pass, you will have lost nothing if you have prepared.

On the other hand, if you have not prepared and these things do happen, you will likely lose everything.

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