Gun Control In America – Arguing Against Gun Control

Gun control or controlling the availability of gun as a weapon of defense is one of the most blatant laws ever. It advocates severely restricting the availability of a gun to the citizens of America. Does it mean that the citizens of America are too casual or ill tempered that they will not be able to handle a gun? The answer is no. The groups who have been advocating the gun control norms have always speculated that the crime rate is directly linked to the availability of guns. But how is this possible? Can you reduce drinking and alcoholics if you ban or restrict the availability of alcohol? The answer is again no.

Crime Rate And Gun Control

If ever, there has been an absurd theory then this one is amongst them. Crime rate and gun control are not liked in any way. A person who intends to commit a murder or homicide can do it in any way he wishes to. He doesn’t need a gun to do it. Even the bare hands can be used to kill. So why only restrict guns? The gun control laws should be broadened further. Possession of anything that can be termed as a weapon which may include the kitchen knife should be restricted. Whether it is concealed or carried openly doesn’t really matter.

The Ideal Safety Device

What matters is the fact that guns are a more ideal weapon for safety. After all you cannot run to the kitchen to look for a knife if there is a sudden attack or threat on your life. But the attacker can already posses it, because he has planned it well beforehand. So the gun control law which is aimed at reducing crime is actually reducing the ability of the average American citizen to protect himself more effectively. If only the government would look at bringing in more effective laws for crime control or even enforce the laws already in existence, the whole scenario wouldn’t be so bleak.

Now, gun control norms are so stringent that they include licensing, long waiting sessions etc. It is no longer an easy task so there are very few who are willing to go through the trouble to get a gun as a safety device. They have started to look at other safety measures which are less effective.

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But they have to comply with the laws. Each year more than 14,000 homicides take place in the United States which are not carried out with a gun. This raises a lot of doubts about the effectiveness of the gun control laws. If a law is not useful or is actually harming us, why have it in the first place? This article makes a plea for the removal of this law which seems to have many advocates in the socio political circle.

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