Vocal Crowd Welcomes Ron Paul to Wichita

Over 1,500 people gathered at the Tea Party Rally hosted by Kansans for Liberty Mar. 9, 2012 to cheer on Ron Paul in his march to the Whitehouse.

Dr. Paul electrified the crowd with his message of smaller government, sound money, reduced federal spending, government over reach with taxes and regulations. Paul also reinforced his pro-life stance saying, “Life came from our creator, not from our government.”

“The reception here today was overwhelming,” said Paul. “I think they represent a sentiment that I appeal to, you know, just a frustration not only with Obama, but sometimes a frustration with the whole process. I think that’s why they belong to the Tea Party movement.”

When former congressman Tod Tiahrt, spoke on behalf of Rick Santorum prior to Paul’s appearance, the crowd responded with boos and chants of “Ron Paul, Ron Paul.” “The reason I support Rick Santorum,” Tiahrt said amidst the boos, is because Santorum stood a better chance than Paul of defeating President Obama in November. Still, there were chants of “Ron Paul, Ron Paul” as Tiahrt soon left the stage.

It seems the Sedgwick County Republican Party may have attempted to undercut the Tea Party Rally at Century II by bringing in Santorum at a different location across town about the same time, speaking to a much smaller crowd of about 200 people. Santorum was invited to speak at the Tea Party Rally, but declined the invitation. Newt Gingrich was also slated to speak, but cancelled days before the event.

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