Washington Post-ABC News poll cements Congressman’s position as top tier challenger

A newly released Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that Ron Paul is the most trusted Republican candidate amongst likely voters and has firmly cemented his position as a top tier candidate.

The poll was conducted by telephone from November 30 to December 4. It has Paul tied in second place with Mitt Romney amongst likely Republican voters with 18 per cent. Newt Gingrich leads with 33 per cent, a figure likely to dwindle rapidly as his true political background is revealed.

Amongst likely voters, Ron Paul is seen as most honest candidate, beating Gingrich and Romney by 10 and 11 more percentage points respectively. The Texan Congressman is also more trusted than Romney amongst likely voters to handle immigration, the economy and social issues.

Paul’s sterling performance in the poll arrives on the back of his strong second placed finish in a significant survey commissioned by the Des Moines Register newspaper. The poll of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers also found that Paul is the “most principled” candidate.

The notion that Ron Paul is now a top tier candidate with a serious shot at challenging for the Republican nomination is even being accepted by establishment media talking heads who have done their best to ignore Paul’s campaign at every turn.

Political observers are virtually unanimous in surmising that Newt Gingrich will go the same way as Herman Cain, Rick Perry and to a large extent Mitt Romney – that his campaign will crash and burn. Gingrich’s political background is the least conservative out of any of the candidates.

The former Georgia Congressman has been married three times, having dumped his first wife while she was recovering from cancer. According to Gingrich’s campaign treasurer L.H. Carter, Gingrich said of ex-wife Jackie Battley: “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer.” Gingrich’s personal life illustrates how he is a ruthless operator who will stop at nothing to advance his own power and fortune.

Politically speaking, Gingrich has flip-flopped more times than a carp on a hot rock. From supporting carbon taxes with Nancy Pelosi, to demanding Americans be forced to buy mandatory health care, to being a staunch advocate for NAFTA and GATT, Gingrich is a committed globalist who has publicly made clear his contempt for American sovereignty, freedom, and the US Constitution on a plethora of occasions.

America would be safer in the hands of a second Obama term than those of Newt Gingrich, at least we know where Obama is coming from, whereas Gingrich hides his big government control freak tendencies behind a veil of manufactured conservatism. He is that most dangerous breed of political animal – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Article written by Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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