President Obama’s Ratings: Going Down The Hill

Barack Hussein Obama assumed office in January 2009 and became the first African American President of the United States of America. He commenced his term with a bang, armed with a very high popularity rating regardless of the recession at that time. He immediately issued an executive order directing the military to withdraw the troops from Iraq. His approval rating was at its highest especially when he signed the $787 billion economic stimulus plan to end the recession that the country was going through. America looked brighter and was full of positive aura. The people were hopeful with the new president assuming office. They believe in their hearts that he is the answer to America’s woes and that he can end the economic crisis that the country is experiencing.

Apparently, the tides have changed and the tables have turned. From a very high rating of 69% when he first assumed office, it is now at its lowest with 39% approval rating as of August 2011. The Republicans stand to gain much with the President’s downhill rating. The trust ratings of the president are on a suicidal note right now probably because the issue of recession has not been addressed and that there is a threat that there might be a second recession again. The proof of such fears can be demonstrated by the demand for Silver IRA and Gold portfolios.

With all these things that are happening to the Democratic president, it is the Republicans that have been dramatically gaining momentum from it. They have all the chance to attack the current administration and criticize it even more. Basically, they are doing this as part of their campaign for their own party’s presidential bet. Personally, I cannot see any good coming out of this. I believe this is being done simply for political gain in preparation for the party’s political agenda for the 2012 presidential elections.

The Republicans and the Democrats should stop their political bickering and do their part as legislators and help the country in weathering the storm that they are in right now. They should set aside their political motives and differences and act as a people immediately. It does not matter who is currently winning in the poll ratings for the 2012 elections; what matters is that they get to resolve the issues at hand and stop the flight from all things US related and into Gold IRAS. Unless the economic downfall is addressed, nothing will happen.

Ratings are nothing but numbers; it is action that the people need. So, even if a Republican will win the next election will it change everything? Will recession end if they win? I do not think that this can all change. Political parties cannot solve the problems of the country and neither can they do it overnight. What the country needs right now is a concrete plan that can change the tides and bring America back in the top spot, a plan that will stop people from leaving our stock market and dollar into the safe haven of Gold IRA portfolios. So, instead of wasting time in saying all sorts of stuff against the current administration, I guess it is time to unite and do everything that is possible to save the country from completely going down the hill.

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