Is America Ready For A Ron Paul Presidency?

I figure Ron Paul supporters must feel pretty low these past few days. The attention Paul enjoyed on network news after the first debate in South Carolina was stupendous but for the past few weeks, Ron Paul seems to be a ghost on the news channels. This made me wonder why. Why was mainstream media so obviously ignoring this potential candidate? Could it be that Paul’s radical message is a bit too far off the reservation to be taken seriously?

After President Obama gave the order to raid a sovereign nation and kill a known enemy of the state, Ron Paul said that he would not have issued the kill order on Bin Laden. That’s right, if Ron Paul were president at the time, Bin Laden would still be alive. Now a statement like that can ruin a guy’s chances to get nominated if not tarred and feathered by Rush Limbaugh himself.

Never mind that invading a sovereign nation and starting a firefight means breaking a few important international laws and is pretty much an act of war against the people and government of Pakistan. Never mind that the international community sees us as imperialists who feel we can do anything we want to anyone we want anywhere we want.

Never mind that capturing Bin Laden alive and trying him in court is the only honest American thing to do. Never mind that killing Bin Laden is a magnificent waste of intelligence information that may have saved countless American lives.

You see, there is a beautiful and true logic behind Ron Paul’s policies. Going in to kill Bin Laden was a terrible waste of resources. What good is he to us dead? Oh sure we get to celebrate, dance in the streets and act like hyenas but that has put a serious strain on our already tumultuous relationship with Pakistan while telling the world that sovereignty means absolutely nothing to us.

Imagine a few Chinese military helicopters circling your neighborhood and finally hovering above one of your neighbor’s houses. Imagine black-garbed storm troopers zipping down from those helicopters to engage in a firefight with whoever is inside. It’s a kill mission so just go in blazing. The point is, America would want someone’s head on a platter if such an infraction on our sovereignty were committed. There would be no acceptable excuse or reason for it.

Mainstream media loves to take these wacky sounding statements from Ron Paul because they hurt his chances to be president if they do not allow him to fully explain the logic behind his statements. My thought is that if Ron Paul really wants to be nominated, he better keep those radical statements to himself until he can put them out there with a full explanation of it.

The trouble is, Ron Paul is just too honest a man to even hide the truth or his feelings even if it means throwing himself into the fire. When asked questions, he will answer them with honesty and truth in his heart. He will not refuse to answer until his political advisers can give him an answer to spew forth like all the other candidates do. He will give you his opinion when you ask it and if that’s not good enough, then so be it.

Maybe America isn’t ready for a Ron Paul presidency but it sure would be nice to feel like our leader was honest and brave enough to tell us how things are for a change. Who knows what we could accomplish with a president that didn’t treat us like a foe, or worse yet, children. It would be nice if our President felt as if he were a part of our American community rather than ruler of it. I think America is actually in dire need of a leader like that.

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Tom Robinson is a writer, designer, publisher and maker of the best chili you can find anywhere this side of the Mississippi River.

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