TV Networks Guilty of Fraud?

Anyone note how Ron Paul was all but ignored in last night’s CNN Ronald Regan Library debate of 30 January 2008 in police-state California?

It’s as if the corporate MEDIA, in it’s arrogance, has already determined who should be president.(1) Therefore they covertly ordered Anderson Cooper to direct the lion’s share of the questions/air-time towards McCain and Romney. Even Huckabee only got scraps. Ron Paul was blatantly starved, even cut off several times. It’s almost as if the corporate media resented the fact that Ron Paul was still in the race, given the fact that Guiliani had “wisely” bowed out, the same cocky Guiliani that chastised Ron Paul in an earlier debate over U.S. foreign policy.(2)

I thought the responsibility of the media was to inform the public about what’s new, bring out the new and different, look out for the folks, provide a 360 degree view, stop the spin … you know present the NEWS. What’s NEW.

Well Ron Paul is NEW. But all the media seems to want to do is give us more of the OLD: its version of reality. Or the Establishment version of reality. Or its corporate clients’ version of reality. Obviously there are a lot of WE THE PEOPLE out there that support Ron Paul otherwise we would not have sent him almost $20 million in 90 days. That’s NEW isn’t it? And none of this money came from CORPORATE donators. That’s new isn’t it — but the corporate media barely mentioned it.

They also barely mentioned that Ron Paul won all three (3) Fox News polls AND the last MSNBC poll which surprised Mr. Hardball to the teeth. That’s NEW isn’t it?

Ron Paul’s speaking out about the fact that the US is going bankrupt because of wanton spending on the WELFARE/WARFARE state made possible by the fiat-money generating Federal Reserve System — that’s NEW isn’t it.

Speaking out about the Federal Reserve System — period — is NEW. No?

Speaking out in defense of the Constitution is NEW. No?

Speaking out for smaller government, and actually MEANING it, is totally NEW, isn’t it?

Ron Paul does all of these things. He’s NEW. So why doesn’t the MEDIA present what’s NEW to the public? Aren’t they the NEWS? But all they do is present what’s OLD.

Isn’t Clinton is OLD? Didn’t we already have a president named CLINTON?

Isn’t McCain OLD? Haven’t we already had many presidents that want to embroil us in foreign wars? That doesn’t sound NEW to me. I thought CNN was a NEWs channel. If so, how come they only push the OLD?

Isn’t Romney OLD? All he will do is use his OLD business “experience” to further terrorize the Middle Class with more NAFTA and NAFTA’s “free trade” horse-malarkey.

I thought people wanted CHANGE. Isn’t change NEW?

How do you get CHANGE when all you do is listen to OLD.

How can People allow CNN to only ask the same OLD questions of the same OLD candidates?

Shouldn’t the People demand that the FCC revoke CNN’s broadcasting license on the grounds of fraud? Doesn’t CNN represent themselves as a NEWs channel. Seems like a false representation to me and seems like Anderson Cooper is an accomplice to this fraud.

Should Anderson Cooper be sued?

I think it’s time Americans realize that THEY own the SPECTRUM and AIR through which the TV networks transmit their signals of deceit. Thus the Public should DEMAND that either the Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, WB) serve the REAL public interest OR have Congress revoke their broadcast licenses. And just like the people that worked for Adolph Hitler: saying “I’m just doing my job” is no excuse when you are supporting fraud. Get it Anderson? Get it Wolf? Get it Bill? Get it Hannity?

(1) See “Why Ron Paul Will Be The Next U.S. President” at

(2) See documentary entitled THE ISRAEL LOBBY to better understand why U.S. foreign policy has been diverted from the public interest.

Written by James Jaeger
31 January 2008

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