Ron Paul officially launches 2012 Presidential Run

A special message to C4L members from Congressman Ron Paul:

As you know by now, I am running for President.

Since our last campaign together, a Revolution has been launched. And look how far we have come in just a few short years!

With your help, our efforts in 2008 caught their attention. Campaign for Liberty’s founding guaranteed the further spread of our message.

Now more Americans across the country than ever before are waking up to our ideas, and the cause of Liberty is being advanced.

As I take our battle into 2012, there will be so much for all of us to do. That’s why I urge you to continue your generous and loyal support for my friends at Campaign for Liberty.

Campaign for Liberty will remain the primary vehicle for our ideas and political battles.

They will continue to lead the fight against the Fed. They will continue their fight to stop renewal of the Patriot Act and the advancement of Real ID.

They will seek to repeal Obamacare and stop other Big Government expansions at the federal, state, and local levels. And they will continue to educate, train, and equip thousands of activists across the country.

The Revolution must continue through the vital work of Campaign for Liberty.

However, since I’ve been so involved with their battles, we all feel it is best if we go way beyond the letter of the election law during this campaign.

So you’ll be seeing a lot less of me at Campaign for Liberty’s website.

Since the statists could use C4L’s promotion of my speeches and appearances as something other than advancing shared goals, most will not be posted on their site.

But, their important work will continue. I hope you’ll visit often and continue your active participation in C4L.

During this vital time for our nation and our freedom, Campaign for Liberty has my full support. I trust they will also have yours.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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