Ron Paul Drops Biggest Hint Yet That Presidential Campaign Is Likely

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, an icon for lovers of liberty in America and everywhere else in the world, has dropped perhaps the biggest hint yet that he is more than likely to take on a presidential run in 2012, following the success his 2008 campaign.

“I’ve been as up front as I can on this because there’s no doubt I’ve thought about it, because people make me think about it.” Paul told Libertarian radio host Lew Rockwell.

“I do feel a personal obligation to so many who have placed a fair amount of trust in me to continue this fight.” Paul said.

“So it is a possibility, as it always has been, but its also a major major decision on my part for personal reasons, for political reasons, and it just is very tedious.” the Congressman added.

Rumors of a presidential run have been bolstered by the fact that the Congressman is embarking on several speaking appearances this month, alongside other potential Republican candidates such as Newt Gingrich, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Paul is heading off on a tour of three cities in Iowa today, as part of a “Presidential Lecture series”.

“I’m going to make these trips, and I was very much upfront on that, it was not an announcement, but I was going to do more traveling, I asked if I could have help in traveling with a private plane, which makes it much more effective. I can get more places, and it seems that that was well received, we raised a significant amount of dollars that will help.” the Congressman commented.

“I will be going on Monday, I can make three major cities in Iowa all in one day and still get back to Washington, I mean the efficiency of this is unbelievable.” he said, quipping that fulfilling his tight schedule depends on “staying out of the groping hands of the TSA”.

After today’s appearances, Paul will head back to Iowa later in the month for more scheduled events.

Iowa has traditionally been a testing ground for potential presidential candidates in recent decades. Gingrich, and Pawlenty, as well as former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer and Tea Party favourite Herman Cain will all be appearing in Iowa this week. Donald Trump, who recently angered Ron Paul supporters by suggesting the Congressman had no chance of getting elected, is also scheduled to visit the state this week to gauge support for a potential run.

Paul is also planning a trip to New Hampshire, where he will appear as the guest speaker for the newly formed Dover Republican Committee.

“Obviously that has some implications,” Paul noted, adding “maybe when I’ve finished all those trips I will feel better about it and will feel energized enough to take it on myself again to make the decision.”

The Congressman also noted that the recent money bomb that raised over $700,000 was “in a way a way of testing the waters for testing the waters” of a 2012 campaign.

Article written by Steve Watson
March 7, 2011

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