The High Tide

A small group of dedicated grassroots artists have created a new 60 second promo/TV ad for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, entitled “The High Tide”. The ad combines carefully edited audio from various Ron Paul speeches with high end computer animation, motion graphics, and a moving musical score, into a unique presentation that is reaching new eyes and reinvigorating the dedicated Ron Paul grassroots.

Patience and attention to detail paid off, ultimately delivering a very accurate computerized representation of Ron Paul speaking truths the Establishment media try so hard to hold back from the masses. The ad has already touched many hearts and minds, racking up over 70,000 Youtube views in just a few days, and earning the coveted #1 Top Favorites spot in the News & Politics section. Many have said The High Tide could very well be the best political advertisement of all time, and will help establish the Ron Paul Revolution as we move forward with the message of Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity.

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