Why Does the Republican Party Fear Ron Paul?

The establishment neocon Republican Party has done just about everything they can to dismiss Ron Paul and to ignore his supporters.

What do they fear?

1. They fear taking responsibility for their years of policies that has contributed to the demise of America. Most Republicans are bought and paid for by the same international bankers that own the Democratic Party, and they don’t want the American public to know they are really not that much different than their Democratic counterparts.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, represents a completely different approach, one that upholds and supports the Constitution of the United States. Not so with our Republican and Democratic politicians.

2. The Republican Parties efforts throughout the primary season to corrupt the voting process seems to indicate they do not want to hear the voice of the American people. They fear that if the grassroots voice of the people were to be heard, the establishment Republican Party would find themselves in the minority.

Now, with the Republican Convention coming up soon in Tampa, they are stepping up their efforts to close off the voices of American patriots:

  • In Maine, where Ron Paul supporters held a clear majority at the State Convention, the establishment is attempting to unseat the state’s duly elected delegates and alternates – acting like sore losers in the process. The challenge to our delegates in Maine is so bogus that Republican Governor Paul LePage – who is one of the few delegates not being challenged by the establishment – has declared he will not attend the Republican National Convention unless Ron Paul’s delegates and alternates who were duly elected are seated;
  • In Louisiana, establishment “big wigs” used threats, intimidation, and force – literally smashing the bones of one gentleman – to shut out Ron Paul supporters who had a clear majority at the State Convention;
  • In Oregon, the State Chairman blatantly ignored the votes of the Convention, taking it upon himself to replace the duly elected alternate delegates with an “appointed” slate chocked-full of establishment cronies;
  • In Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts, corrupt Party officials changed the rules after the game was over – kicking out Ron Paul’s duly elected delegates and alternates and replacing them with their hand-picked cronies.

3. Perhaps the most important thing the Republican establishment fears about Ron Paul is that he has been right for decades and if they were to accept his ideas, they would finally have to admit they were wrong.

It’s clear that the Republican Party fears Ron Paul, or more importantly, they fear the voices of freedom loving American Patriots who want to return our country to it’s Constitutional roots.

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