Silver to Gold Ratio

Shortages in physical gold and silver inventories are beginning to take place again.

The US Mint has broken records this year in the amount of bullion coins they have struck and they still cannot fulfill the public’s demand for American bullion coins.

Remember gold and silver are stores of value with limited quantity while paper currencies and credit can be expanded infinitely. It takes relatively very little currency and credit buying precious metals for precious metal products to disappear and prices to explode- as happened last autumn in the physical gold and silver market. A large divergence happened between the spot (or futures) price of the metals and actual metal you could hold in your hand as the metal became scarce.

Now and in the coming years we fully expect shortages of gold and silver products to become the rule not the exception. You have the opportunity of a lifetime. Are you going to take action?”

Make no mistake. Silver has a lot of catching up to do, and it will. The normal ratio of silver to gold price is about 10 or 15 to 1. Right now it’s about 63 to 1. Considering the shortage of Silver, what do YOU want to invest in?

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